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Tally is one of the most popular Accounting Software used in India.

Knowledge of Tally is one of the basic requirement for many Accounts jobs


Uses of Tally

It is used for

  • Daily Accounting
  • Balance Sheet Finalization
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Generating different reports for tax filing etc



How is Tally Different from Manual Accounting?

Manual Accounting

(As done in School/College Books)

Accounting in Tally

(as done Practically)

We first

1. Pass Entries

2. Make Ledgers

3. Make Trial Balance

4.  Make Profit and Loss

5. Make Balance Sheet 

We only

1.  Make Ledger Name

2.  Pass Entries

Automatically Ledgers, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet updated

More chances of errors

and very time taking

Less chances of error and less time taking

(However, Accounting entry should be correct, otherwise there will be errors)

Balance sheet Asset and liability rarely tallies

Balance sheet automatically tallied with each entry

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CA Maninder Singh
CA Maninder Singh is a Chartered Accountant for the past 6 years. He provides courses for Practical Accounts, Taxation and Efiling at teachoo.com.
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    sir , suppose 2014-15 bill not book in tally but 2015 - 16 bill book but payment amout 2014-15 bill . what can relected in liabilties .
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